The Tooth Bus – A Mobile Pediatric Dental Office

The “Tooth Bus” has offered free dental treatments to kids from low-income families for the last decade in the New Orleans area.

It is a fully mobile pediatric dental office serving around 800 patients every month from outside of toy stores, supermarkets, or other well-known locations.

Dental services provided include fillings, extractions, crowns.

The mobile programs serve as a safety net for people who may not qualify for Medicaid, but still can’t afford private insurance.

Patients of the tooth bus often receive dental sealants on permanent molars along with a topical flouride treatment to help prevent cavities.

Pediatric dentists recommend that kids should have their teeth checked out before their first birthday, but a great many children don’t see a dentist until they are much older older and when they already have a problem with their teeth.

Dentists are trying hard to educate parents on all aspects of oral hygiene for children, but the tooth bus still sees a high percentage of young kids with rotten teeth.