The Difficulty Of Finding A Dentist When Pregnant

It can still be difficult to obtain dental treatment during pregnancy.

Some dentists are unwilling to treat patients during pregnancy mainly because of what they were taught in dental school many years ago.

Furthermore, many pregnant women think that it’s dangerous to receive dental care.

And OB-GYNs sometimes fail to check for dental issues, and fail to refer women to dental professionals.

The modern thinking today is that dental care during pregnancy is beneficial, but still dentists hesitate to treat them for fear of litigation – “What happens if I have to do an X-ray?” or “What happens if I give antibiotics or local anesthesia?”

One 2009 survey of 351 obstetrician gynecologists nationwide found 77 percent reported their patients had been “declined dental services because of pregnancy.”

Since 2006, some dental associations and state organizations have declared that dental work is safe during pregnancy, and that includes X-rays, root canals, etc. more