Stop Teeth Going Yellow

As we grow older, our teeth can start to discolor and turn yellow.

Age is one factor, but certain foods and other things can make tooth discoloration worse.

Well-known foods such as coffee and tea can discolor teeth, but certain medications (antibiotics and high blood pressure medicines) can also exasperate the problem.

Flossing and regular visits to the dentis for professional cleaning is recommended. Other dental procedures such as tooth bonding and dental veneers can help.

Dr. Mehmet Oz of the syndicated “Dr. Oz Show” has his own teeth whitening home remedy. According to his website, he suggests mixing baking soda with fresh lemon juice, allowing the mixture to bubble slightly. Use a cotton swab to swipe your teeth before applying the mixture. Brush on the baking soda/lemon mix and leave on the teeth for a minute before gently brushing with a toothbrush. He cautions against leaving it on the teeth for more than a minute, as the acid in the lemon can erode tooth enamel.