Pain Free Sedation Dentistry

No one enjoys visiting the dentist, but thanks to the use of sedation you can now have treatment that is relatively stress and pain free. Even those with a serious dentist phobia can be helped. This sedation dentistry guide will explain everything you need to know before

Sedation DentistryWhat Is Dental Sedation?

There are many different methods of dental sedation, but basically it is the use of specific sedatives in order to relax a dental patient as little or as much as necessary. Once relaxed, treatment can go ahead without any unnecessary stress or discomfort.

Although various forms of this dental service have been around for some time, more people are now seeking this type of treatment than ever before.

One of the most common methods of sedating a patient used to be through the use of nitrous oxide, which was commonly referred to as ‘laughing gas’. However, many people didn’t like nitrous oxide sedation simply because they had to first put on a mask to breathe in the gas.

Although nitrous oxide allowed sleep dentistry, which meant that once sedated the patient would know nothing about their treatment, the prospect of having to put on a mask was a deterrent in itself.

Although a form of deep sedation, as in general anesthesia, may still be necessary in a dental hospital for complex procedures, a more moderate sedation is usually sufficient to make you relaxed and completely happy during your treatment.

The answer to the problems surrounding nitrous oxide sedation came in the form of IV sedation. With this dental anesthesia, a sedative is given through a vein, allowing you to feel totally relaxed. The level of sedative can be adjusted to a point where you feel comfortable, which is particularly useful for those with a strong dental phobia.

Another method of sedation dentistry involves the use of oral medication, usually in the form of a pill. The pill will cause drowsiness and as a result you will feel more relaxed. Whilst some people might actually fall asleep during oral sedation, it is not always the case, but even if you’re awake you’ll feel at ease during the treatment.

Do I Need A Special Sedation Dentist?

Although you don’t necessarily need a special sedation dentist, you have every right to find a dentist and ask how much experience they have in this type of dental work. Most dental clinics will have professionals who are proficient in all dental procedures.

What Dental Work Is It Suitable For?

When you visit a dental center you could be going for any number of things. If you consider that you need sedation for dental work to be done, then simply ask the dentist.

Two of the main reasons for using sedation are; when there is a fear or phobia, or where there is going to be a substantial amount of treatment involved.

If you are opting for cosmetic dentistry and having crowns, bridges, dental veneers, or tooth implants, then sedation might be advisable. Indeed, some type of dental sedation will probably already be included in the cosmetic dentistry costs, especially if extensive work is required. Getting an implant bridge, for instance, can involve lengthy treatment sessions and sedation can improve relaxation.

If you were having cosmetic dentistry treatment to remove several teeth in order to have permanent false teeth fitted, then opting for a relaxing sedative would definitely make this invasive process better.

Where cosmetic dental clinics do not automatically include sedation in the price of treatment, then it’s perfectly reasonable to enquire about sedation dentistry cost before commencing treatment.

What Are The Advantages Of Having Sedation Dental Care?

  • You are more relaxed
  • You lose your fears
  • Your treatment time may be quicker
  • You probably won’t even remember the treatment
  • You’re unlikely to have problems with gagging

Using sedation dentistry for every day dental procedures may seem over the top, but if it allows you to get the treatment that you need, then it’s worth it.

If you are nervous and want painless dentistry, where you get all your treatment done without anxiety, then this is probably an option for you, providing there are no problems which prevent you from having it.

The cost of sedation dentistry will vary, as with any other type of dental treatment, but this can be determined before you undertake your treatment.

Even minimal sedation can still allow you to feel relaxed, so that you receive your dental treatment in a calm unstressful way. Dental phobia’s and anxiety drive you into unnecessary panic and make you unhappy about visiting a dentist, but there are safe solutions to deal with your problem.