School Gives Away Free Dental Kits

There are a growing number of programs for providing free equipment to eligible children, and this includes the provision of a free dental kit and advice on oral hygiene.

The cost of essential school equipment, clothing, and shoes can cripple many families, especially when there are several children to ‘kit out’. Buying the tools to take care of teeth properly are often low down on the priority list.

Kewaunee County helped hundreds of families this year, thanks to the collective participation and donations from numerous organizations and businesses.

After obtaining school supplies, shoes, coats and dental equipment, families had the opportunity to receive free health insurance assistance, take a look at nutrition posters about healthy eating and opt get a fluoride varnish from the Kewaunee County Public Health Nurses.

The provision of advice on oral hygiene, accompanied by a free dental pack has been shown to improve the oral health of many children, some of whom do not have regular dental checkups due to finances.

Bad oral health can be linked to many other health problems, and can also lead to painful tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease. Dental problems can also lead to kids being absent from school, which ultimately detrimentally affects their education.

Therefore, ensuring that all children have the knowledge and equipment to take care of their teeth is essential.

When a caring community comes together to help each other, everyone wins.