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Are You Planning A Free Dental Treatment Event?

If you are a dentist, run a dental clinic, or an organization that provides occasional or regular free dental events, we will help to promote your event on our website at no cost to you (see our current list promoting free dental days here).

Promote Your Free Dental Event Here For FREEWhatever free dental services you will be offering, please get in touch with us here as many of our website visitors can not afford to get the treatment they need.

If you are offering free dental services such as:

  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Bridgework
  • Root Canal Work
  • Partial Dentures
  • Full Dentures
  • Teeth Cleanings
  • Children’s Treatments

…then make sure you publicize those services with us – FREE OF CHARGE.

There are a number of dentists and charitable organizations that provide free dental services, and the more publicity that an event gets, the more people who desperately need these services will benefit from them.

Although some charitable groups actively promote their free dental days, others rely on local press to advertise the events. There have been occasions where the event was advertised after the event had taken place, leading to many people missing out. Contact us as soon as possible to give your dental event the maximum exposure possible.

The cost of dental insurance is often too much for low income households, and whilst others may have some health insurance it is often restricted. Payment plans can help some find a way to get treatment, but this is not an option for everyone.

Whether you provide free extractions and basic fillings only, or offer other services such as partial or full dentures or more complicated procedures, then informing potential patients about where you are and what you are providing is vital.

Perhaps one of the biggest expenses for a dental patient is when it comes to getting new dentures. The cost of false teeth, both partial dentures and full sets, can run into thousands of dollars. This is simply unaffordable to some, and has led to many people purchasing DIY denture kits.

Making your own dentures can reduce the costs considerably. However, there is a need for more dental organizations to offer free dentures, as many of them currently exclude false teeth.

It’s important to promote the fact that you offer false teeth at no cost to the patient, if you do so.

Do You Need Dental Volunteers?

You might be looking for extra volunteers for your event. Whether you require a volunteer pediatric dentist, or assistants to greet patients, assist with form filling, help with translation, etc., promoting your event with us can bring forward the extra helping hands you need.

Promote Your Event With Us – It’s Totally Free

To get in touch with us, please click here >>> Contact Us <<< and let us know where/when your event takes place, what services you will be offering, and any other requirements that you may have.

We will add your particulars to our free dental days page and we’ll also create a post on our site giving more detailed information about your event.

We’ll help you to make your event an amazing success. And yes, it’s really free to publicize your event on this website.

If you need free dental treatment and have arrived on this page, please click on a relevant post in the right hand panel. For instance, our post on free dentures provides information about who offers false teeth at no cost.