Practicing Good Oral Hygiene When Pregnant

There’s a lot of questions asked about how safe is it to get your teeth cleaned during pregnancy, and the general consensus is that it is important, highly recommended, and it could protect your baby too.

Recent studies suggest an association between severe gum disease and preterm labor, and regular trips to the dentist can help you avoid this risk. It’s reported that suffering with periodontal disease during pregnancy could result in a premature birth.

And with regards to other dental treatments whilst pregnant, many anesthetics used by dentists these days are safe, and there’s also no issue from having an X-ray if you are adequately shielded via a lead apron.

You should practice good oral hygiene in your home, and get quality dental care when pregnant via regular visits to your dentist for professional teeth cleaning.

Please consult your dental professional for specific information pertinent to your own requirements.