Oral Health Care A Problem In Ontario

Access to good oral health care can be a problem for many, but in Ontario is rotten!

Hygienists examined nearly 220,000 students and designated 44 per cent of the schools “high risk” because of the rotting state of children’s teeth.

Without the cash or a good benefit plan, the high charges related to dental work means much needed treatment cannot be accessed, and even run-of-the-mill regular dental checkups are missed.

Data taken from the Toronto Public Health department reveals a problem in nearly half of the city’s elementary schools because the teeth and mouth are not included in medicare in Canada.

The focus should be on greater access to public dental health care for children and low-income working adults. Certainly that’s the position of the Canadian Paediatric Society, which has recommended that dental care get the same universal access as all other treatments that fall under the Canadian Health Act.

Untreated dental abscesses can cause a lot of damage and misery. For instance, an infected tooth could result in blindness or heart disease! more