Non Insured Can Get Fillings, Extractions, Dentures For Free

There are a growing number of nonprofit organizations around who provide free dental procedures for residents in their area.

As times get harder, looking after your teeth can be the last thing on your mind. Toothache is something that many adults have to put up with, as they can’t afford the cost of extraction. Missing teeth might make eating difficult, and while some people opt for a DIY false teeth kit, others must put up with gaps because they simply can’t afford dentures at all.

You may have a job but you may still be on a low income, and struggling to keep up with household bills, there’s just no money left to cover dentists bills.

You might have retired, have no insurance or savings, and like many other seniors can’t afford dental treatment.

In Virginia, The Christian Free Clinic has been caring for men and women who are in need of treatment from a dentist, but do not have dental insurance or the funds to get treatment.

Botetourt County residents are given a warm and friendly welcome when they attend the clinics.

The organization has been helping people with dental issues for over seven years now, and in these hard financial times they are surely making a difference in their community.

Hundreds of people visit the clinic for extractions, fillings, and other procedures. Any treatment that are not available on site may be done elsewhere, such as getting partial dentures or having a wisdom tooth removed.

Their clinics operate on Tuesday evenings for residents who have no insurance or healthcare provided by the government.

Registration opens at 5.30 p.m. for one hour, at Fincastle Baptist Church, 7330 Roanoke Road, Fincastle, VA.