No Dental Care For Millions

It seems that despite the increase in help to find affordable dental treatment, the problem continues to rise.

Some of the latest figures state that:

  • Over sixty million Americans under retirement age have no dental insurance
  • Over forty million American Seniors have no dental insurance

Then we have to consider the children that don’t visit a dentist, because their parents do not have dental cover.

With a growing problem of tooth decay and cavities in both adults and young people, the charitable organisations offering help are becoming increasingly important. However, they often require a long journey, which in itself can be cost prohibitive.

Finances are an important factor when it comes to finding the money for dental treatment. Many adults and seniors need cheap dental work, otherwise they go without treatment.

Some dental patients are resorting to setting up fundraising pages to pay for essential treatment, while others hold garage sales to raise funds.

It is evident that there needs to be continuing improvements, in the availability of both free or affordable paediatric dental care and adult dental care.

Anyone who has suffered from severe toothache, must wonder how anyone can tolerate that pain indefinitely, let alone when the sufferer is a child.

In the 21st Century, everyone deserves an affordable way to maintain their oral health, especially as there is a clear link between oral health and physical health. Dental problems can have a major effect on health problems, and vice versa.