New Kent County Clinic Offers Dental Services To Medicaid Patients

The opening of the new Kent County South Clinic promises significantly better access to dental services for everyone.

Medicaid patients, who may have encountered problems getting treatment elsewhere, will have no such problems at this new clinic.

As many dentists do not accept Medicaid patients, oral health can suffer, and it’s a well known fact that there is a direct connection between dental health and other medical issues.

Ignoring bad dental problems can lead to more serious problems later. For instance, a neglected tooth abscess could have serious repercussions.

The new dental clinic will allow previously untreated patients to get the help they need.

People on a low income are the most vulnerable, as they are unable to cover the cost of dental treatment and may be unaware of how to save money on dentistry costs.

The Affordable Care Act has led to major changes in the field of dental care, and it is hoped that as more services become available to low income households, so the overall dental health should improve.

As well as the much needed dental treatment, a variety of other treatments will be provided.

The South Clinic is housed where the former Kentwood Public Library once was – at 4700 Kalamazoo, SE. It will offer an array of public health services like immunizations and flu shots for low income citizens, and the Women, Infants and Children, or WIC program.

It has been stated that local donors raised 570,000 dollars towards the cost of the new clinic, which cost over 2.5 million dollars in total.

It’s estimated that around 17,000 patients should benefit from the dental clinic annually.