More Dental Access For Low-Income Durham Kids

Being unable to afford good dental care can impact heavily on the life of a child, and the Durham Region Health Department report that their are too many kids that are suffering in pain which affects their ability to sleep correctly, eat, and concentrate at school.

Cavities, broken teeth, gum disease and oral infections can impact a child’s overall physical health.

But now, changes to the eligibility requirements of a provincial program means that many more children will have access to good dental care.

  • As of April 1, Healthy Smiles Ontario has expanded its eligibility requirements.
  • When it was first introduced in 2010, the program required an adjusted family net income of under $20,000 a year to qualify.
  • That has now changed to $21,513 or less for one child.
  • The new requirements also take family size into account, increasing by about $1,500 for each additional child.

For more information, contact the health department at 905-723-1365 or visit

Additionally worth noting, the Children in Need of Treatment government program provides emergency dental treatments for kids.