Money-Back Guarantee On Dentures

Money-back guarantees don’t normally apply to dental treatments, but Aspen Dental have done just that.

“Aspen Dental-branded practices are challenging that conventional wisdom with a recently-introduced Denture Money-Back Guarantee, a pioneering new program designed to give patients the peace of mind of knowing that if they are dissatisfied with their full or partial ComfiDents® denture for any reason, their Aspen Dental practice will refund the cost of the denture, no questions asked.”

Guarantees are common in retail industries, but they are rarely available in the medical or dental arena.

Aspen Dental are able to do this because every dental practice has an on-site laboratory to custom craft to each patients needs and requirements for dentures.

Aspen Dental want patients to know that they are committed to their complete satisfaction.

“The dentists and teams at Aspen Dental have always been focused on innovating around services and offerings that benefit patients. The Denture Money-Back Guarantee takes that patient-centric approach to the next level.”