Metal-Free Dental Implants Change The Way Teeth Are Replaced

The use of dental replacements has long been a common practice in dentists’ offices around the world, with patients often requiring significant work done to restore their smiles to their former glory. Unfortunately, many of these replacements have been seen as half-measures at best, as the implants used have solved the major problems with missing teeth but left behind aesthetically unpleasing metal products in the tooth’s place.

These metal teeth are an all-too-common sight, a badge of shame that has led to many individuals with traditional metal implants to avoid smiling and to do what they can to avoid revealing their implants to the world. The solution to a missing tooth, for many, has seemed almost as bad as losing the tooth itself.

Metal-free dental implants have changed the way that teeth can be replaced. Not only have these implants been found to be safer and easier to use than their traditional counterparts, but the removal of metal will also allow many patients who were previously ineligible for implants to have their smiles fixed.

The dentists at Smiles by Design now offer a product that not only allows their patients the chance to reclaim their smiles, but also allows them to do so in a manner that will help to ensure their future dental health.