Manage Your Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can be extremely debilitating. Patients who suffer from it really want to receive quality dental treatment, but their fear can be so strong, they suffer the pain and associated side-effects.

And if a dental phobic patient eventually summons up the courage to visit their dentist, it is usually then for emergency dental treatment with higher costs involved.

But it really need not be the case as there are various ways in which to overcome dental anxiety.

  • find a caring dentist who understands and tell them about your fears
  • use headphones during treatment to cut out the noise of the drills, etc.
  • play with a stress ball to help you relax
  • request dental sedation – laughing gas or nitrous oxide
  • seek out a dentist who uses hard tissue lasers instead of the drill
  • some dentists use DentalVibe to reduce the discomfort of injections

The first step is to talk to your dentist.