Low Income Patients Avoiding The Dentist

There are a growing number of men and women who are struggling to pay their dental bills.

They may have no insurance plan or they may be on Medicaid, but the treatments they can receive could vary dramatically, depending on where they live.

Delaware is one state that does not have Medicaid cover for dental care in adults.

There are no requirements under the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to provide preventative dental coverage to adult Medicaid beneficiaries.

While some States do not provide cover for routine or preventative dental services, other do.

Pennsylvania’s Medicaid division offers coverage for dental exams, cleanings and pre-approved treatments for prosthetics, extractions and crowns for as little as a 65 cent co-pay.

With many unemployed and low income families struggling to feed their families, finding the funds to pay dental bills is virtually impossible.

This constant struggle is leading to many families avoiding dental checkups altogether.

Ignoring small dental problems only leads to bigger ones. For instance, ignore an impacted wisdom tooth and you could end up with a serious infection.

Also, ignoring oral health can lead to much wider ramifications, such as periodontal disease and other health problems.

If people with diabetes have poor oral hygiene, they are more susceptible to gum infections since their immune systems are already weakened, according to the Academy of Peridontology.

You need to take even greater care of your teeth if you don’t have dental insurance, to avoid fillings, extractions, etc.

There are some things you can do to find free or low cost treatment, and it pays to always be on the look out for offers on oral hygiene products.

Many insurance companies are providing free dental packs to their customers in an effort to reduce claims.

Some promotions are taking place to give free dental kits to kids in schools, in the hope that early tooth decay can be avoided.

Finally, there are a growing number of organizations who provide low cost or free dental treatment to those in need, which should help those people who have been forced to avoid the dentist.