Kids Dental Hygiene Survey Shows Major Problems

Over seventy percent of children aren’t regularly brushing their teeth, according to a survey, and many of their parents think it’s no big deal.

We all know that sticking to an oral hygiene program isn’t always easy.

Rushing around in the morning is commonplace in many households, and remembering to brush your teeth is often low on the ‘to do’ list.

However, when a child is screaming with the pain of a tooth abscess, they’ll wish they had paid more attention to it.

By making kids’ dental hygiene an everyday part of their routine, they should eventually do it without thinking, in the same way they always put on their clothes or brush their hair.

The sooner we learn kids how to clean their teeth, the better, and avoiding too much sugar also helps keep down plaque.

Tooth decay in early life is often caused by the huge amounts of sugars in kids food and drink.

Keeping kids teeth clean will help them avoid painful toothache, cavities, and fillings in teeth.

Make the experience enjoyable and they won’t avoid doing it either.