Kids Dental Health Advice

“A large part of pediatric dentistry is prevention – educating children and also the parents so that dental issues do not become a problem in the first place.”

There is much misunderstanding with regards to kids dental health, such as:

Childrens First Dental Visit Should Be When They Start School!

The sooner your child can visit a pediatric dentist, the better. Aged 1 is perfect, so that kids get used to a denist and have a positve experience early on. Some dentists give prizes after the examination so the dental office is not viewed in a negative way.

All Kids Healthy Drinks Snacks Are Equal!

There are many misconceptions surrounding food and drinks – some ‘healthy’ snack products are actually detrimental to the childrens teeth.

For example, some juices may claim the contain 100% fruit juice, but frequently they contain added sugar!

Whilst milk and juice may be fine at meal times, water is recommended at snack times along with some fruit, cheese, crackers, and such like that contain no added sugar.

Youngsters Can Be Left Alone To Clean Their Teeth Correctly!

Parents really should be present when their child is brushing their teeth, at least up to they are about 8 or 9 years of age. Even after that age, regular inspections should be carried out to ensure good oral health standards are being maintained.