Hundreds Helped At Free Dental Day

Hundreds of people were lucky enough to receive free dental services at one of Dr. Bob’s Dental Care locations in New York.

It was just one of the free dental sessions held in conjunction with the DFTH organization.

The nonprofit Florida based organization DFTH (Dentistry From The Heart) have for over fourteen years provided dental services to the needy.

For various reasons people have no dental cover, no savings, and sometimes no permanent income.

However, people with no funds or no insurance cover need dental treatment too.

Hundreds of dentists hold free treatment events at their own dental clinics.

Dental professionals, such as dentists, and hygienists, along with a variety of volunteers offer their time to offer free dental treatment.

Dentistry From The Heart is spreading free smiles in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and New Zealand. Through hundreds of events each year, free dental care is made available to those without the means to secure care.

Across the world, Dentistry From The Heart has solved dental problems that would otherwise have been left untreated.