How Long Will Dentures Last For?

It may be possible for some people to get free dentures, but if you’ve had to pay the high dental costs to acquire dentures, then it’s vital that you take care of them correctly.

  • Remove dentures after every meal and rinse.
  • Brush daily with a soft brush designed specifically for dentures.
  • Use a mild abrasive toothpaste.
  • Handle carefully as metal attachments are fragile.
  • Avoid hot water.
  • Remove at night time and keep dentures moist.

If there is any damage to your dentures, you need to get a professional to look at them as soon as you can. Their fit is important to your own oral health, as loose, chipped, or cracked dentures can cause irritation or sores in your mouth; this then makes them fit even worse.

If you take good care of your dentures they will last for many years.