How Do You Beat Your Dental Fears

Are you terrified of the dentist and have avoided going for treatment even when you are in real pain and your health is suffering badly?

How Do You Beat Your Dental Fears?Do you have a specific  fear or phobia or is it based around dentists in general?

Do you hate the dentist’s drill? Do you just panic when you enter the dental surgery?

Many people have a dental fear or phobia. Here’s some useful tips to help allieviate your fears:

  1. ask friends to recommend a friendly and sensitive dentist

  2. read the testimonials on the dentist’s website

  3. search the internet for comments on review sites about a prospective dentist

  4. email the dentist, explain your concerns and see how they respond

  5. arrange a consultation with the dentist, tell them about your fears, and see if they are caring

  6. be open with the dentist about your fear or phobia otherwise they won’t be able to help you

  7. request a topical gel to numb your gum so you don’t feel the needle go in

  8. ask if your dentist will add sodium bicarbonate to the anesthetic as this makes the injection more comfortable and work better

  9. does your dentist use nitrous oxide to help you relax before treatment

  10. take a stress ball in with you to squeeze when you are feeling a little anxious

If you consult with a dentist and don’t feel happy with their attitude or reply about your concerns, then search out another. Some dentists actually specialize in working with dental anxiety so make the effort to find one that you can trust.

You can beat your dental fears if you approach the situation in a logical and strategical manner.