Good Oral Hygiene For Kids

There is a growing awareness of the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene from an early age.

Childrens Dental HealthBy learning how to keep teeth healthy and care for the teeth properly by practicing good oral hygiene, we can help prevent tooth decay in children.

Things like toothache, dental decay, and fillings can be considerably reduced or even prevented altogether.

The American Dental Association encourages the promotion of children’s dental health, through various methods.

One way of raising awareness and treating children is through national dental health month schemes.

You can find cut price or free dental treatment schemes being run in many States.

There are various dental health month activities involving specific dentist’s treatments.

For instance, a typical scheme might involve a dental examination, teeth x rays, dental impressions, and cleaning the teeth; all for around $10.

The Importance Of Oral Health In Infants

Even though a baby may visibly have no teeth at all, they are inside the gums.

One by one the teeth begin to cut through, and from that moment on they can begin to decay.

Sugary drinks in baby bottles may seem like a treat, but as the baby continually sucks on the bottle teat, their gums are coated with the sugary substances.

It’s tempting to suck on the baby’s bottle teat or pacifier to make sure it’s clean etc.

However, in doing this there is a likelihood that bacteria will be transferred to the object, and then on into the baby’s mouth.

Certain bacteria causes tooth decay, so simple bad habits can cause tooth decay in children which could have been avoided.

When baby teeth fall out they are replaced by adult teeth, but when this happens too early there is more chance of overcrowding and crooked teeth.

It’s a good idea to get your child’s teeth checked out early, say around the age of one. If you are a working parent, then take advantage of the many dentists who open on the weekend.

Dental Health Tips For Infants

Even before the teeth appear it’s not too soon to start a good cleaning regime.

  • Wipe the gums gently after the baby eats or drinks
  • Use finger brush on any baby teeth
  • Avoid giving sugary drinks in the baby’s bottle
  • Avoid putting sweet substances onto the baby’s pacifier
  • Clean a bottle teat  or pacifier appropriately (not with your saliva)
  • When teeth appear, you can use a finger brush on the infants teeth, along with a proper baby toothpaste.

Kids Dental Hygiene Tips

You can help children maintain good oral health practices at home, by making brushing teeth for kids fun.

Just a few healthy teeth tips could cut down on the things that cause decay, and actually have your children looking forward to cleaning their teeth.

  • Give a child their own special toothbrush
  • Avoid giving them sugary drinks and sweets
  • Sing a ‘brushing teeth’ song
  • Brush your teeth at the same time (kids love copying their parents)
  • Show them a brush your teeth dental health for preschoolers video

Dental Games For Kids

There are many dental activities for kids to play, which are fun and educational too.

Some activities and games teach children what is good for their teeth and what is not.

Other games involve ‘playing the pedodontist’. These types of dentist games for kids allow them to take the part of the dentist and treat the teeth of some well know character.

The importance of oral hygiene for children can’t be underestimated, and anything we can do to promote it can only be for the good.

Here is a video providing dental health tips for cleaning children’s teeth.

Not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth, even from the start, but maintaining regular checkups at the dentist and good oral hygiene for kids will help them make the best of what they’ve got.