Gift Of New False Teeth From A Stranger

Hardworking waiter, Brian Maixner, was rewarded by a kind hearted customer, who offered to pay for his dental treatment.

Mr. Maixner, who is a single father from Wichita, had suffered from dental problems since his childhood, but thanks to the kindness of an attorney from Kansas and a variety of dental services, Brian will have something to smile about.

The attorney was visiting the diner where Brian works, and the waiter’s demeanor impressed him so much he decided to make an offer of help.

After years of problems, Brian will soon adapt to new teeth.

‘This man doesn’t know me and this is something I could never afford to do for myself,’ Maixner said.

Like many people today, dental treatment comes low down on the priority list when there are bills to pay and a family to feed. The pain of toothache may be a daily occurrence, but other things must come first before getting teeth fixed.

The cost of dentures and dental implants can be out of reach for many hardworking folks, especially if they can’t afford dental insurance.

Getting new teeth can change someone’s life in many ways, including becoming pain free and increasing confidence. Sunken cheeks are no longer a problem, as the face fills out with new dentures.

It’s thanks to the generosity of a stranger providing a 25,000 dollar gift, that one man has found his reward.