Get A Dental Checkup Before You Travel

There’s a ton of things to remember and plan just before taking your family on vacation. Apart from the normal essentials, it would be wise for everyone to get a dental checkup before traveling as a dental emergency could easily spoil a vacation.

 A checkup is especially important if you’ll be traveling in developing countries or in remote areas without access to good dental care. Left to chance, emergency dental care may be uncomfortable, dangerous and expensive.

Whilst having dental insurance is wise, the best insurance is to ensure that you have no dental problems before you travel.

We advise obtaining a Dental Emegency Kit which you can get online or from your local pharmacy.

If you do end up with a toothache pain (or other dental pain issue), there are some things that you can do. Clean out the painful tooth or affected area, dab with a anesthetic such as clove oil, and take pain killers.

Many countries have dental associations that can provide referrals. Dental referrals may also be available at the American Consulate or the American embassy in the country you are visiting.