Friendly Dental Van Services

Hundreds of students in Davidson County Schools receive dental care from the Friendly Dental Van, which travels to local schools providing exams, teeth restoration, X-rays, fillings, teeth sealants, and more.

Dr. Darryl Smith, program administrator with Friendly Dental Van, said after a student receives a dental treatment a report card is sent home to parents that explains what service the child received and if anything else needs to be done.

The school students benefit from the same dental services that they would get in a normal dentists clinic, and they also receive a toothbrush and toothpaste following their treaments.

The Friendly Dental Van prgram was recommended by the School Advisory Heath Council in Davidson County to offer dental services to school children would not normally receive routine dental care.

A dentist in Charlotte started the program in 2002, and it is in 260 schools from 18 school systems in the state.