Free Mouth Guards For Kids

We all know how easy it is for children to get a cracked tooth during sporting activities.

Basketball, boxing, and baseball are just a few sports that could result in a blow to the mouth.

It doesn’t take much to slacken or dislodge a tooth, and that means toothache pains and a visit to the dentist.

You can buy mouth guards for children and adults to wear when they are partaking in activities.

Now some dentists are proving custom made mouth guards for children, free of charge.

Although shop bought mouth guards are commonly used, some dentists are providing ones that are custom made for children.

It’s devastating what can happen in one little incident.

It can be a huge expense to fix the damage. And it can ruin a child’s beautiful smile. (source)

It seems like a great idea to help protect children’s teeth, and free mouth guards will certainly help to do that.