Free Kids Dental Treatment At Mobile Clinic

When the mobile dental clinic rolled into Sonoma Valley recently it helped over one hundred children get the free dental treatment and services they needed, but could not afford.

The Christina’s Smile Children’s Dental Clinic has been providing free treatment for 25 years, providing a range of dental services such as root canals and cleanings.

The use of protective dental sealants on teeth can help the children avoid problems, and educating children to brush their teeth can also prevent the damage done by food and drink. Teaching them about eating to avoid tooth decay can help too.

Founded by the late Dr. Garza, the mobile clinic has reached children all around the country, and brought relief to parents worrying about their child getting the treatment they needed.

The clinic is able to perform extractions, and with tooth decay in children being a huge problem the non profit charity Christina’s Smile and it’s volunteers are making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of children.