Where Can I Get A Free Dental Kit?

Research indicates that oral hygiene can be improved dramatically in all age groups, simply by providing free dental kits.

Free Dental KitMany people think it’s obvious that looking after your teeth is a major part of preventing tooth decay. However, it is apparent that many children are not taught to brush teeth properly from an early age.

It is estimated that one in two children develop a tooth cavity before they reach the age of seven.

Even adults, who have not of their teeth in the past, can still improve their dental health by implementing a proper oral cleaning regime.

Certain organizations who are now offering kits under various circumstances.

Free Dental Kits For Children

Over recent years various programs have been introduced in schools and some dental clinics to encourage children to look after their teeth.

Some schools provide healthy snacks for their pupils. Others promote foods good for your teeth, such as the chewing of carrot sticks and apple sticks. They are not only nutritious but also help to remove plaque from the tooth surface.

A typical child’s free dental kit might include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and fun stickers. Some even include a timer so that they can brush their teeth for the recommended period of time.

Dental floss is also often included in dental packs for kids.

It is important that children are shown how to floss properly, both to clean the teeth thoroughly and to protect the delicate gum area.

If first graders are encouraged to have fun brushing their teeth they are more likely to continue the practice as they get older.

Some children do not visit a pediatric dentist until they have already developed a cavity.

Many packs also include a booklet for parents to read, raising awareness of the benefits of good dental hygiene.

Some dentists who take part in the candy buy back scheme offer a free raffle ticket, with a dental kit or electric toothbrush as a prize.

Other Free Dental Packs

When you take out health cover, dental care may not be included in the package.

Many dental healthcare insurance providers are realizing the benefits of offering free dental packs.

In some cases a free dental care pack will be offered to all members covered by the dental plan, when the policy is first taken out. Other insurance companies provide an annual kit for each member.

These dental kits may vary but generally comprise of toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss.

Many kits include an electric toothbrush for the adults and a proper child’s toothbrush and toothpaste for kids.

Many people do not know that bad dental health can lead to periodontal disease, gingivitis, and more serious oral conditions.

For families on a low income, dental treatment can be a heavy burden. Although there are various free or low cost dental programs in some areas, taking care of teeth can help reduce or prevent the need for treatment.

There are varying figures which are published annually which state the number of school or employment days lost through toothache or dental appointments. It has been shown that good dental care can reduce those figures dramatically.

Various links have been made between oral health and other health problems, which makes it even more important that everyone takes care of their teeth.

Combining a regular dental care regime, and the following the appropriate interval for dental checkups, can help prevent cavities and more.

One way to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining your teeth, and improve oral healthcare appears to be with the provision of free dental kits.