Free Dental Clinics For The Uninsured

Recent figures appear to show that around one hundred million people in the USA. It seems that Americans are still can’t afford dental treatment, in spite of the affordable care act.

Thankfully, one there are several organizations who provide free dental clinics for the uninsured, as well as the underinsured.

One such organization is AMEN, or to get them their full title, the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network.

Providing both free medical and dental services at various venues throughout the States, they offer much needed free dental treatment for those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Veterans, low income households, and even seniors get free dental work, if they qualify.

Among the services they provide during their events are free extractions, root canals, and fillings. Although they make every effort to carry out necessary treatment, they may be unable to tackle complex cases.

A group of enthusiastic volunteers, which include dental nurses, dentists, and hygienists, give up their time to treat patients at no cost. Others volunteer simply to assist patients and help out wherever they are needed.

The volunteers pay for their own accommodation and transport, although they do receive food. These volunteers should be highly commended for their generous spirit, which often allows patients to be free from dental pain after considerable time.

Venues this year have included; Napa, Dayton, Sacramento, Orangevale, and Portland.

With free dental events, hosted by various charities and organizations, popping up all over America, many more people will get the opportunity to get the treatment they need.