Free Dental Clinic For The Uninsured And Homeless

A free dental clinic for the uninsured and homeless will soon open in downtown Syracuse.

Amaus Health Services, a volunteer-run health clinic at 421 S. Warren St., expects to start offering free dental services in May.

Basic dental treatments at no-cost will be offered, including cleanings, fillings and extractions.

The free clinic has been set up because the uninsured often neglect their teeth and end up receiving medication from ERs without the actual dental problem getting resolved.

“We have always had it in the back of our heads to start a dental clinic,” said Dr. Lynn Beth Satterly, director of Amaus. “People who have poor access to dental care have poor health outcomes. In many ways the mouth is the gateway to general health.”

Three dentists have agreed to offer their services for free: Dr. Brandon Magill, Dr. David Dasher, and Dr. Patricia Mercuri. More volunteer dentists are expected to be recruited.

Amaus is usually open two days a week. Call 424-1911 for information about its schedule or to make a donation to support the clinic.