Does Fluoride In Water Prevent Tooth Decay?

There are differing opinions as to whether fluoride in water helps prevent tooth decay, but the majority of those in the dental profession say it does.

Does Fluoride In Water Prevent Tooth Decay?Water fluoridation is said to reduce tooth decay by around 25 percent, as it improves tooth enamel which makes the teeth stronger.

It is decades since water fluoridation was first introduced, for the purpose of helping to protect the teeth of adults and children.

Dentistry experts say that childhood tooth decay was dramatically reduced by the introduction of fluoride in water supplies.

Most people want to do the best they can to look after their teeth, and according to most people in the dentistry field, fluoride in the water goes a long way to helping everyone do this.

A proper and regular oral hygiene regime is one of the best ways to avoid fillings and the extraction of decayed teeth. The use of fluoride toothpaste will also help strengthen tooth enamel.

However, for those who have poor dental hygiene, fluoride in the water is often the only thing they have to help protect their teeth from decay.

For families with no dental insurance or savings, a visit to the dentist is unaffordable, and seeing a dental hygienist is often considered to be a luxury.

With so much controversy regarding dental issues, such as whether denture fixatives or metal fillings are safe, the contradictory surveys and studies only serve to make everyone even more concerned.

Oral health problems and diseases are amongst the most expensive to treat, and once tooth decay occurs it is an ongoing problem.

Extractions and fillings are the result, and fillings will probably need to be replaced sooner or later.

The overwhelming consensus is that fluoride does strengthen tooth enamel and makes the teeth stronger.

Therefore, according to fluoride experts and numerous dental associations, fluoride in water does help prevent tooth decay.