DIY Denture Repairs

Whether your cosmetic dentist has beautifully crafted your false teeth for you, or whether you have used a ‘make your own dentures kit‘, the fact still remains that dentures can easily break, and they can be costly to get repaired by dental technicians.

Welcome to the world of denture repair kits.

The kits contain all the materials and solutions so that you can carry out DIY denture repairs on cracks and even full fractures. Some denture repair kits come with teeth so you can repair missing, broken or loose teeth on your dentures.

A typical kit contains:

  • Denture acrylic resins
  • Dental bonding adhesives
  • Artificial teeth set
  • Denture cleaner and soaking solution
  • Eye dropper
  • Mixing paraphernalia
  • Denture plate
  • Denture reliner