Dentures In One Hour

The increasing need for quick dental treatment has led to the development of new techniques and materials.

Where one you would have had repeated dental appointments to get your new teeth, now you can get new dentures in as little as one hour.

This option retains all qualities of a well fitting denture, but saves on both time and money.

The techniques are now being used in dental clinics around the world, as well as at pop up charity events and free dental days.

The shortening of the waiting time for new teeth allows the dentist to offer prices that fit the patient’s budget, while at the same time freeing up his or her schedule to deal with other patients.

The patient no longer needs to take multiple days off work, and is able to arrive for their appointment in the knowledge that they will leave with new false teeth.

With stories of patients waiting around six months, in some cases, it’s no wonder these new procedures are proving so popular. Delays relating to minor adjustments, appear to be the most common problem.

However, with the new system, teeth are adjusted within the appointment time. This cuts out the need for the teeth to be sent off to be adjusted, and the delays that go with it.

It doesn’t seem so long since the one day denture service arrived on the scene. Now, the one hour service is set to revolutionize getting new dentures.