Dentist Special Offers To Make You Smile

The million dollar smile is something that can win respect, affection and even adoration, as white and straight teeth show an uncommon level of evolutionary fitness and help represent us more as our ideal selves.

No wonder then that cosmetic dentistry to create a winning smile is hugely popular.

Missing teeth change how you look and how you feel, whilst new teeth change your face shape and confidence.

Lakeway Smiles is a cosmetic dentist in Austin Texas that delivers great smiles to clients, and has recently released some special offers for new customers:

  • Free consultations
  • 5% off dental implant treatments
  • A special offer for Invisalign straightening
  • Flexible finance schemes for low monthly payments.
  • 50% off permanent teeth whitening
  • Complementary imaging to show what a difference their teeth makeover smile services can make

“Cosmetic dentistry is about giving people the smile of their dreams.”