Dental Van Shortens Waiting List

It can normally seem like forever to see a dentist for uninsured Clark County residents at the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington. In fact, it can currently take about 3 months to climb to the top of the waiting list to receive your dental treatment.

The clinic has 275 adults currently waiting for treatment. Another 330 adults are waiting to be screened so they, too, can be added to the treatment waiting list.

But on Friday, due to a partnership between the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington and Medical Teams International, over 20 patients on the list were grateful to get the dental care that they needed via an additional dental van which allowed the extra patients to be treated.

Vancouver resident Pamela Rapp was one of the patients without dental insurance who benefited from Friday’s collaboration. She received two fillings. One was in a tooth with a cavity so severe that had she waited much longer, she would’ve needed a root canal.