Dental Bridge Breakthrough

Missing teeth can cause the jawbones to erode, making the mouth sag and giving an older appearance to the face. Fortunately, in recent years, dentists and orthodontists have come up with a solution to the problem of missing teeth without having to resort to dentures.

A dental bridge, which replaces missing teeth, helps attach synthetic teeth to nearby natural teeth (which doctors call “abutment teeth).

Dental bridges are either permanent, where they’re called “fixed bridges,” or they are made to be removable.

The artificial teeth can either be bonded directly to the abutment teeth, or attached by placing crowns on the natural teeth. The removable types are put in place by metal clasps or by precision tools.

Attaching a dental bridge usually takes around three appointments to the dentist. The jawbone needs to be able to support the bridge, and a bone graft might be performed first.

Full-mouth dental implants might also be recommended for severely damaged teeth or for people who have lost many teeth.

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