Delano Teenage Cancer Survivor Gets New Dentures

When teenager Alex Hunter, of Delano California, lost his teeth due to a combination of radiation and other factors, insurance did not cover the provision of dentures.

Word soon spread about Alex’s battle with cancer, numerous treatments, and subsequent tooth loss. It wasn’t long before the family was overwhelmed with letters and prayers from all around the world.

Although the aim was to raise $11,000, the fund soon doubled that.

The money raised has enabled this brave young man, who has fought illness since the age of four, to get a new set of teeth.

Although it often takes time to adjust to new dentures, Alex seems to be doing fine.

When all the dental work was complete, Alex was thrilled at the results and proclaimed his dentures ‘perfect.’

‘He just smiled really big. He just had nothing but joy,’ his mother said.

The Hunter family has encountered a common problem, where an insurance plan only covers certain aspects of treatment.

Dentures are often considered to be a part of cosmetic dental work, although patients would tend to disagree, especially teenagers who have gone through the trauma that Alex has.

Thankfully, he now has his new dentures and has something to smile about.