Choose Oral Sedation For A Relaxed Dental Visit

Approximately 15 percent of dental patients have a fear of the dentist or dental phobia, and often that results in them refusing to visit the dentist.

Now, Dr. Michael Sohl is offering a new dental service for his patients in Stuart, FL, called oral sedation, which helps them to be more relaxed and to enjoy a pain-free dental experience.

“Oral sedation is a wonderful, simple option for many of our patients who may feel a bit uneasy about their dental visit. With just one simple pill, we’re able to change their outlook on dental experiences by providing them with a calm and relaxed visit.”

Dental patients who wish to go down the oral sedation route receive a prescription prior to their treatment which they collect from a pharmacy. They take the pill just before visiting the dentist which results in a calm and relaxed state where they feel no pain.

Dr. Sohl also offers IV sedation and nitrous oxide sedation.