How Can Seniors Reduce Their Dentist Bills?

How Can Seniors Reduce Their Dentist Bills?

It seems that many retirees dip into their life savings to pay for dental services after they retire, so how can seniors reduce their dentist bills. Almost half of all pensioners are unable to pay for major treatment at the dentist, according to a survey. As people move on to […] Read more »

How To Get Your Teeth Fixed With No Dental Insurance

How To Get Your Teeth Fixed With No Dental Insurance

When you have a dental problem and are on a low income, unemployed, or have no savings, chances are you don’t have health or dental cover either. So, you need to know how to get your teeth fixed with no dental insurance. It’s becoming an increasing problem that people can’t […] Read more »

Save Thousands In Dental Costs

Save Thousands In Dental Costs

If you are putting off getting dental treatment because of the costs, then allowing a dental student to do the work could be the answer. Although you would generally have to pay for dentures, you could find that tooth extraction, fillings, root canal work, and even crowns, could be given […] Read more »

Cost Of Dental Insurance And How To Afford It

Millions of Americans cannot visit to the dentist, because they think they can’t afford the cost of dental insurance. However, there are options which include various standards of cover, so there may be an affordable option out there for you. Dental Insurance Coverage Although they may be know by various […] Read more »

Free Dental Days

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “where can I get free dental work“. That’s why we created this page which will be updated every time we learn about clinics offering free dental treatment. So please bookmark this page and return to find up to date news […] Read more »

Dental Vacations – Medical Tourism, Low Cost Dentists

When you want to make your money stretch, you’ll shop around, even for dental treatment. There is now a growing trend in people taking dental vacations. It’s clear there are differing prices for cosmetic, medical, and dental treatment, but what is dental or medical tourism? Well, in simple terms it’s […] Read more »

How Much Do Permanent Dentures Cost? Avoid The Hidden Costs

If you don’t want traditional false teeth you’re likely to look for a more permanent solution, but just how much do permanent dentures cost? The fact is, there are many different types of permanent teeth and therefore many different price tags too. First, here are the most popular ‘fixed denture’ […] Read more »

Free Dentures For The Poor

Dental healthcare providers are increasingly offering free treatment for the needy, and in some cases free dentures for the poor too. Most people can put up with a couple of missing teeth, if funds are stretched. But if you have lost a significant amount of teeth it can be very […] Read more »

Finding Free & Low Cost Dental Care

When you are on a tight budget you just don’t want large dentist bills. What you really need to find is free or low cost dental care. There has been a sharp increase in the numbers of men and women seeking out a low cost dentist or a dental clinic […] Read more »

Do You Want Free Dental Treatment?

When money is in short supply getting your teeth fixed can be a low priority. It could be that you have chronic toothache, have broken dentures, or have lost a filling, but you simply can’t afford a dentists bill. Thankfully, there are many organizations and free dental clinics that are […] Read more »