Biodentist And Dr. John Augspurger Have Relocated To Denver

Nationally recognized biological dentist Dr. John Augspurger, DDS is now practicing in Denver at the Thrive Integrated Health Center located at 455 South Hudson St., Suite 200 in Denver just east of Cherry Creek.

The health of your teeth is intrinsically connected to your overall health, and vice-versa.  At Biodentist, we look at the underlying causes of why your mouth may not be happy, and offer solutions that involve not just improving your dental health, but supporting the body’s own mechanisms for healing by design.

Dr. John has been working in dentistry since the age of 13, where he was a lab technician in his father’s orthodontic practice.

Dr. John Augspurger is co-founder and owner of Thrive Integrated Health Center, and has now connected Biodentist with other holistically-minded doctors, healers, and wellness experts to create under one roof a new paradigm in holistic health care.

“Whether your dental needs are a cleaning, a filling, or a full-mouth restoration, we have developed an integrated model and protocols to optimize your health and improve your comfort.”