Improving Children’s Dental Health

More than 1200 students at seven schools in Santa Rosa and Petaluma are receiving dental care and education in a pilot program.

They are being offered free dental assessments and anti-cavity sealant treatments.

Dentists recommend that a child get sealants (thin coatings on the chewing surfaces of permanent teeth) on their back teeth around the age of six or seven to prevent cavities from dental decay.

“Children sitting in school with pain from cavities and infections don’t learn. Anything we can do to improve children’s dental health  is a win.”

Early prevention of tooth decay is the key to healthy teeth for a healthy life. Preventive treatments like sealants save families money before more serious and expensive dental problems develop.

Each day in Sonoma County nearly a dozen children undergo general anesthesia to repair decayed teeth.

Dental sealants are one of the top ways to reduce the incidence of dental disease in children.

“One-third of all missed school days are due to children who have unmet dental needs.”

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