Why Soak Dentures?

There appears to be a number of denture wearers who have never been advised on the reasons why they should soak their dentures, when they remove them for a period of time.

There is plenty of advice about caring for false teeth, and you’re always advised about soaking dentures overnight, but why?

Why Soak Dentures?One well known reason for soaking teeth, is to allow cleaning solution to work on them, and leaving them to soak overnight is the ideal time for this to happen.

Warped Dentures

The acrylic used to make the teeth can be prone to warping if the material dries out.

When the teeth are warped they do not fit so well, and can lead to many oral problems and pain.

Trying to fix warped teeth may not be easy, and you could end up having to get new teeth.

Damaged Dentures

When teeth dry out they can become more fragile. The fragility means that they are much more likely to break.

You can sometimes have broken dentures repaired, and also you may be able to repair the false teeth at home.

However, if the teeth are broken repeatedly they may not be able to be fixed.

Also, fitting the pieces of broken dentures exactly into place can be tricky, and they rarely fit together neatly like a jigsaw.

It’s good advice to keep dentures moist when you aren’t wearing them.

There is a big difference between suffering from a dry mouth, where your false teeth feel loose and do not stay in place due to lack of saliva; and dentures that are damaged due to letting the false teeth dry out for significant periods of time.

The cost of dentures can be a considerable amount, and therefore it is in your best interests to take every precaution in caring for them. After all, you want your false teeth to last, and caring for dentures properly should make them last longer.

You may choose a denture bath with solution, water, or a small plastic bag with a small moist cloth. The most important thing is to care for your dentures.