Why Do Dentures Change The Shape Of Your Face?

Most people expect to talk differently after getting false teeth, but why do dentures change the shape of your face?

Why Do Dentures Change The Shape Of Your Face?The cheeks and mouth sit very closely to your teeth, and when the teeth are missing there is a hollowed area, which allows the cheeks to sink in to the face.

The changes to the face due to lack of teeth give the impression that:

  • You are older than you really are
  • You look undernourished or ill

Whenever there are smile makeovers on TV, you’ll notice teeth are nearly always a primary part of the makeover. Amalgam silver fillings are replaced with white, gaps are filled, and missing teeth are replaced.

A set of cosmetic dentures or dental implants makes a huge difference. This is because they remove the ‘sunk in’ cheek areas that developed through lack of teeth.

Lips also sink into the face making them look thinner, while the sides of the mouth tend to dip downwards, making you look unhappy.

It’ a fact that having few or no teeth will change the way you look, but the problem is easy solved.

With an assortment of dentures and dental implants available, nobody needs to be without teeth.

For people on a tight budget basic dentures can be found either locally or via dental tourism, and you can even make your own dentures.

Many organizations that provide free dental treatment also provide basic dentures for those who qualify.

Those who have a high or unlimited budget can choose from a variety of dental implants, or could opt for the latest natural looking flexible false teeth.

It may take a little while to get used to wearing dentures, especially if you have been toothless for a long time. However, dentures do change the shape of your face, and create a healthier and more youthful appearance.