Who Uses Dental Wipes?

There seems to be an increase in the numbers of people using dental wipes on a regular basis, but who’s using them?

Even though eating some food helps avoid tooth decay, it’s nice to have a treat once in a while. If we are eating elsewhere, we may be used to taking equipment to clean our teeth afterwards.

It seems that the inconvenience of carrying dental hygiene equipment everywhere you go can be remedied by carrying a small pack of dental wipes in your pocket.

Parents are particularly enthusiastic about the product, as it allows them to clean their young children’s teeth quickly.

Trying to stop a toddler from wriggling when you are using conventional toothpaste and toothbrush can be hard work.

When a small child is encouraged to use the dental wipe to clean their own teeth is can feel like an achievement to them. A small child who is proud of having clean teeth is often more likely to continue a good oral hygiene system in the years to come.

Many teeth wipes contain ingredients which are designed to inhibit the oral bacteria and plaque which usually lead to tooth decay.

Parents concerned about cleaning children’s teeth properly after eating also love the wipes. A tasty treat for kids on a fun day out, can be followed by a quick clean of their teeth with a handy dental wipe.

There may be no substitute for the satisfaction you feel after a traditional full oral care session. However, it seems the quick fix for clean teeth is certainly growing in popularity.