Top Ratings For Dental Care

Dr. George A. Hoop, a dentist in Fort Myers, Florida, has received top satisfaction ratings for providing excellent dental care and comfort for his patients.

Many people suffer anxiety about a visit to the dentist, usually because of a previous bad dental experience, which means they avoid seeking dental treatments, which can then lead to more serious dental health problems in the future.

With a goal of providing top care and comfort, Dr. Hoop is helping patients keep their oral health in peak condition by providing an environment that allows them to develop a favorable attitude about dental visits.

“The top goal at our practice isn’t just to fix teeth and gums—it’s to create lasting, beneficial relationships with our patients so they can feel great about keeping their smiles in the best condition,” said Dr. George A. Hoop, DDS, PA. “

Dr Hoop provides a range of dental services such as: general dentistry, cosmetic dental work, restorative dentistry, periodontal disease treatment, dental implants, sleep dentistry, and more. source