Teeth Whitening Strips – Results In 3 Days

If you can’t invest in professional teeth whitening provided by a qualified dentist, there are other alternatives.

Apart from the many teeth whitening toothpastes which are on sale right now, you can try the latest teeth whitening strips.

Tooth whitening strips are used at home on a daily basis, and it is said that you can see results in as little as three days.

The Crest 3D teeth whitening strips are a top selling product of this type.

It is said that the Crest product will provide 25 times greater results than one leading whitening toothpaste.

This product will not work on crowns, dental implants or any other false teeth, and so is only for use on your natural teeth.

If you are expecting to get a partial denture, crowns, or implants then you may be able to whiten your teeth using the strips beforehand.

By using the whitening strips for teeth first, the false teeth or implants are color matched to your newly whitened teeth.

Many men and women are now using these whitening strips, but they are not suitable for children. They are also not meant to be a substitute for a proper dental cleaning regime.

You may wish to visit your dental clinic for specialist teeth whitening treatment, but you may first like to try a product to use at home.