Teeth In One Day – Extractions And Dentures In The Same Day

Once upon a time you had to have your teeth removed weeks before getting your false teeth fitted.

Teeth In One Day - Extractions And Dentures In The Same DayThanks to modern technology you can now get both extractions and dentures in the same day.

Why Are One Day Dentures Different?

The traditional way to get new teeth involves several dental appointments. Each appointment will deal with a stage in the entire process.

These will be appointments for:

  • Extractions
  • Dental impressions
  • Fitting temporary dentures
  • Fitting dentures

When it comes to appointments for extractions, the number of teeth being removed will dictate how many appointments were necessary.

Although several teeth can be removed in one appointment, if many teeth are to be extracted it might be done over two or more appointments.

When you opt for one day dentures, extractions, dental impressions, and false teeth are fitted in the same day.

Modern equipment allows for digital impressions to be taken and there is usually an onsite lab which makes the false teeth while you wait.

It’s hard to believe that you can get new teeth in one day, but you most certainly can. Indeed, there is also the option of getting new dentures in one hour.

Who Provides Same Day Dentures?

Amongst the many dental services commonly offered these days is the provision of dentures in a day. Even clinics which don’t have an onsite laboratory have access to dental technicians who can make false teeth quickly.

The service may be listed under a different name, such but the concept is still the same. You have all of the treatment done at one appointment, and get your dentures today.

Dentists also provide same day implants, for those people who prefer dental implants rather than removable false teeth. Permanent dentures can be fitted using the same day service.

Why Get Extractions And Dentures In The Same Day?

There are many reasons why men and women opt for same day dentures.

One of the main reasons is that people lead very busy lives, and it’s much easier to spend one full day at the dentists than have repeated appointments over a number of weeks.

There is also an element of embarrassment involved. When all of the treatment is done in one day, you do not have to been seen with missing teeth after you have your decaying teeth extracted.

Same Day Dentures Cost

Same day dentures cost will vary depending on the extent of the dental work, your location, and the dentist you select to do the work.

At first glance, getting dentures in a day may seem more expensive. However, you must take into account that with traditional treatment each visit may be charged separately, and you have to travel there each time too.

When comparing prices you should factor in your travelling expenses, time taken off work, and each charge involved in the treatment.

If you have dental insurance, check that it covers the cost of dentures, as some plans don’t.

If you don’t have dental insurance and are on a low income check out your options for free or low cost treatment.

You have many options open to you, when it comes to getting new teeth.

You can opt for traditional treatment with several appointments.

You could have your teeth removed by a dentist, but make your own dentures at home.

Your budget is sure to have an influence on your decision, but even if you don’t have dental cover there are ways to get the teeth you want. This includes having all treatment, including impressions, extractions and dentures in the same day.