Snap On Teeth Or Dental Porcelain Veneers

Many people, who have dismissed dental implants because of the cost, have turned to snap on teeth instead.

Snap On Teeth Or Dental Porcelain VeneersThese clip on veneers can be purchased commercially for less than $30, or fitted at many cosmetic dentistry clinics.

With funds being stressed to breaking point many people are turning to new ways to save money.

If you are not eligible to get free or low cost treatment at the dentist, then you can now buy such items as:

The Benefits Of Snap On Veneers

Snap on veneers can work out much cheaper than a dental makeover which involves dental bonding, crowns, veneers, denture implants, etc.

However, one of the leading advantages for you is that there is either minimal or no dentist involvement.

Many people suffer from dental anxiety or dentist phobia, which leads them to avoid the dentist whether they are suffering from mild or severe teeth problems.

Despite the advent of walk in dental clinics where there is no build up of anxiety waiting for a dental appointment, those with a phobia still avoid getting treatment.

The fact that you can have everything done on the same day, even getting dentures in a day, is not enough to combat the fear.

The smallest procedure can cause panic to the sufferer and any treatment will require dental sedation before treatment.

Clip on teeth can be purchased commercially, and this allows you to hide your existing teeth without the stressful visit to the dentist.

Removable veneers can be useful for people with teeth that are:

  • Chipped and cracked
  • Stains
  • Discolored or marked
  • Crooked, misshaped, or misaligned

They are also useful for those who have gaps in the teeth, or perhaps have a missing tooth or two.

The Disadvantages Of Clip On Teeth

Although removable veneers are a great option for many men and women, there are drawbacks.

For instance, although you can eat and drink when wearing the removable teeth covers, if you are eating hard foods they may need to be taken out.

Removing your teeth if you are eating in public may not be either practical or desirable, but you must take this into consideration before choosing the veneers.

Regular dental porcelain veneers are bonded in place using traditional dentistry techniques, allowing you to eat and drink without damage to them.

Cosmetic dental implants are used to replace the problem teeth after they are extracted, and again they are a permanent solution allowing you to forget they are there.

When you opt for the cheaper option of snap on teeth, you will always have to be aware of eating restrictions, and the fact that they won’t be as hard wearing as either implants or traditional veneers.

You will also have to remove the teeth before commencing your oral hygiene regime, as you cannot brush or floss your natural teeth with the detachable veneers in place.

If you weigh up the cost of veneers and the cost of the snap on fake teeth, you will notice a significant difference.

If you have a hectic sociable life, where you dine out on a regular basis, then this product might not be for you, and a cosmetic dentist can advise on other more suitable procedures.

However, if you are seeking a cheaper practical solution to hide your own teeth and give yourself a quick smile makeover, then snap on teeth could be the answer to your problems.