Should You Extract Wisdom Teeth?

It has often been a matter of course, for dentists to deal with wisdom teeth problems by simply removing them. The problems of removing an impacted wisdom tooth can sometimes be complicated, and the pain that comes with the impacted tooth can be excruciating. However, opinions are changing, with some research showing that tooth extraction may be unnecessary if the tooth is not causing any problem in itself.

When wisdom teeth begin to appear and the teeth become overcrowded, the wisdom tooth may be impacted. The result is generally toothache and other ongoing problems. If the problem isn’t treated early, it could mean a trip to the local dental hospital.

If wisdom teeth appear, but do not cause overcrowding of the teeth, then perhaps there may be no problems at all. Some studies appear to have shown that simply monitoring the teeth during regular dental checkups is enough. If there is a sign of overcrowding then action can be taken. While some dental experts advocate monitoring, others say that the complications which arise following an impacted molar are simply not worth chancing. Extracting healthy teeth is not something that any good dentist wants to do, but when it comes to an impacted tooth, perhaps we should rely on the wisdom of the experts.