Professional Teeth Whitening

There are a number of products you can choose to help you whiten teeth, but having the job done professionally is said to give maximum results.

The latest whitening gels use a gentle form of hydrogen peroxide, which uses the oxygen ions it creates to remove any surface stains. It also penetrates the surface of the tooth.

Professional Teeth WhiteningMany of these bleaching treatments use the most powerful whitening products available, with results often being noticeable within a week of the dental treatment.

However, unlike some of the harsher products used in the past, new formulas often use ph neutral ingredients, to help protect the tooth enamel.

Potassium Nitrate may also be included in the formula, to help reduce teeth sensitivity. This ingredient is often found in toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Teeth may be up to seven shades lighter after a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure, although no one can ever guarantee the end results.

The dentist will usually have a patient consultation before the treatment commences. It gives the chance to confirm that your teeth are suitable for whitening. There may be a medical cause of discoloration of teeth.

A consultation with the dentist is also a chance to discuss the degree of lightness you wish to achieve.

Some dental clinics will perform the procedure, but give the patient a top up whitening kit to use at home.

A top up kit to whiten teeth after the original treatment may contain whitening gel, and a tray which has been tailored to suit that patient’s mouth. This kit should help maintain the whiteness, or improve it with each use.

The cost of teeth whitening varies according to location, the extent of whitening and the products used. For instance, you could pay around $400 at one clinic, but up to $1,000 at another.

The important thing is that you discuss what you get for your dollars. In other words, what does the fee include, and are there any other costs involved.

Having a white smile these days, is becoming much easier. However, for a dramatic result you may wish to enquire about whitening teeth professionally.